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gcoleman99's Journal

1 November 1967
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Alternate AOL IM is no longer working because my girlfriend hacked both of them. I am a jerk though and she totally does not deserve that. I LOVE HER SO MUCH and she had every right to check up on me.

I find most bios boring. Mine will probably be as well, so....read at thy own tolerance of torpidity. And I promise to try to keep my Journal an Oscar Wilde reference free sanctuary (at least from MY end).

*yawn *

As you can see from my interests, I'm a big fan of New Wave and remixes, which is a little surprising, because I didn't start listening to the genre until the summer of my Senior year of HS (1986). I'm glad I did, though, as it led to my love of Electronica (which wouldn't be much of a shock to those that knew that my second album purchase was The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan). THIS led to me joining Underworld's list (www.dirty.org) in 1996, after being BLOWN away by their set at Organic '96. I got to know a few people from LA on this list (one of them, Scott Warner, is the guy who STARTED it). We decided to have a small dirtymeet .

I ended up stupidly getting married to a girl because she shared my interests in Underworld and thus moved to swampy pit of hell South Carolina, where I proceeded to live in a modular home for 7 years of marital un-bliss. I was lonely and that is the ONLY reason I ever left Southern California, my hometown is Glendale. I had a wonderful son but finally decided to leave the marriage in late 2008 and move back to my hometown in early 2009 where I reconnected with the girl of my dreams. I have been dating my dream girl for 3 months and plan to marry her and live happily ever after as soon as my divorce goes through and she and I are both free to pursure our lives together. This woman is my soulmate and I am grateful beyond belief that she has come back into my life. I am relocating down to sunny Orange County to be near her and have found amazing govt job opportunities in the area and a fab communications/broadcasting degree program at Saddleback Community College with intended transfer to maybe UC Irvine. My life is finally coming together in the way I always wished it would and I have my wonderful girlfriend Kath to thank for breathing that life back into me. Plus she is the most beautiful woman I have ever been privelleged enough to hold in my arms.....